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Animals by The Gorgeous Oranges

Most of the time when scouring the internet for new music you’ve never heard before, you stumble upon a lot of songs that you want to like, but just can’t. Most of the time it is because they are either poorly produced, or just not working out. Sometimes both. Then, there are the times you click on a link of a post somewhere that brings you to something that is new, fun, and exciting. In fact, this link that I’ve happened to click on turned out to be something I wanted to listen to again, and then listen to their other songs.

The Gorgeous Oranges from Grand Rapids, Michigan are a slower paced rock / psych rock band that still bring the heavy in without under or over doing it. The drums, bass, and guitar are all super tight to begin the song, and the mix sounds pretty solid from the start. So right from there, I’m inclined to keep listening.  Solid transition in to the first verse, and the vocals are in key and fit the feel of what I’ve heard so far. Some background vox kick in with the ooh’s and ahh’s right on point. The chorus begins smoothly, and then theres a bit of an underwater effect on the entire mix for a few seconds. This part is pretty cool. Caught me off guard with that, but then instantly we’re back into a smooth transition right back to the verse.

Overall, the only things that I would change in this if I were behind the mixing board on this track would be easing into the beginning of the song with a fade in, it comes in a little bit abruptly. I’d also make the kick drum a little fatter and beefier. The rest of the song is solid and to me sounds like it should be in a video game menu like NHL or some other sports games. I think this sounds similar to the Black Keys, maybe a little heavier, if you’re into that type of indie-rock that isn’t really on the hipster end of the spectrum.

The band is set to release their album “Not Today Satan” within the next month in their hometown of Grand Rapids. You can learn more about that on their Facebook or website.

Read below for information from Sean of The Gorgeous Oranges on how the song was created:

Artist/Band Name: The Gorgeous Oranges
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Members: Sean Stynes – Guitar, Vocals, Wurlitzer, Synths; Curtis Kuipers – Bass; Dan Julian – Drums, Tambourine

Track Reviewed: Animals


Producer: Self Produced
DAW Used In Production Of Track: Reaper

Gear Used: I used a combination of the Zoom R16 and Mackie Onyx 1220i mixers as my interface. Used the built in preamps on those. Dan played my old Gretsch Catalina kit with a lot of dampening. Towels all over the place so we could distort it pretty heavy and still have space between the hits. Drums were mic’d with three overheads one really close in between the toms basically touching the kick and a wide spaced pair. Vocal mic was a Rode K2. We tried all kinds of fuzz pedals on this track both on guitars and bass. I couldn’t tell you what the final gear used was. I use an old Fender amp with a Gibson ES-339.

How long did this track take to finish?: Well it’s hard to say. We did drums, bass, and guitars live at my house. Then a couple weeks of off and on overdubbing and endlessly tweaking things. We eventually redid the bass to get some more punch.

 Anything you’d like to have done differently?: Record the vocals on a day I wasn’t so sleepy haha. It’s got this really heavy track and these weirdly calm vocals. But I don’t like to go back… to me stuff that goes wrong like that is kind of what gives you something unique with some charm.

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