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EV RE20: King of The Broadcast

Radio Jocks and Podcasters alike always sound big, that is unless they’re using the wrong gear. In the constant changing game of audio gear getting smaller, lighter, cheaper, and simulation over load, yes I meant to say simulation, one mic has outlasted them all. The Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone, the standard when it comes to broadcast microphones. In mostly every radio station worldwide you’ll find one of these bad boys. This microphone gives you the bottom end you need with the right amount of high end for a clean, radio ready sound.

Whenever you see radio jocks constantly moving that giant over hanging desk boom arm around you probably wonder why you’re not hearing all of that wonderful clack and crash from somebody moving a mic, well some of it has to do with the boom arm itself and the way it’s engineered, but with the RE20 EV has thought about just that. Inside of the RE20 is an internal shock mount to reduce movement noise, and to top it off the RE20 has an internal pop-filter to cut back on those nasty plosives, though I still recommend a windscreen on the outside of the mic as well.

Now you may have noticed the cut-outs spanning the body of the microphone itself. Although they look like they’re there to turn the mic on it’s side and utilize it from all angles, that’s not what they’re for. It’s actually a special way that sets the RE20 up to be in its own class of microphone called a variable-d cardioid mic. The cut-outs or ports, actually were designed to cut back on proximity effect, which is when unwanted low end increases because the source of sound is too close to the microphone.

At the end of the day, although this microphone is a broadcast staple, you can use it in the recording studio or on stage for bands as well. It’s perfect for floor toms, bass cabinets, or even a small kick drum. Don’t underestimate the RE20 and for an average price on the web of $449.00 brand new, it’s a great mic to grab for the mic locker.

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