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Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 in Jims Home Studio Setup

Seeking The Creators

Hey there,

Welcome to thecreators.blog , we’re excited to begin a new journey into the world of music, and we want you to join us. We’re searching for new music and artists of all genres to blast their message and musical genius over the web. Here at thecreators.blog we’re here to spread the news about up and coming artists, whether they’re the writers, the producers, the players or even the ones making the magic in front of house or back of house.  we believe in the whole production matters, and we’re here to talk about it all. If you’re a creator, reach out to us and lets talk about your role in the ever growing music industry that we call home. you can hit us up with your album for review, let us know about upcoming tours, or even let us know about the creators that we absolutely need to cover. send me a link to your music, an album, or just drop me a line about one of your favorite musical artists at thecreators.jim@gmail.com, i’ll check it out and get back to you with any details regarding whats to come for you and your part with thecreators.blog. I look forward to checking out some new music and hearing from you, the creators.



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