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Honey I’m Homeless – Hotels

Honey I'm Homeless

When it comes to New Jersey not only does it have some of the best food, beaches, and killer summer party spots, but the music scene always has something great to offer! That being said i got to sit down with a long time friend of mine of whom i met in 2004, Brandon Smith. Brandon for as long as I have known him, he has been writing, recording, playing and making his presence well known in the New Jersey music scene. His most recent project called “Honey I’m Homeless” is definitely a wild mold of matchbox 20 fueled, late …

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EV RE20: King of The Broadcast

Radio Jocks and Podcasters alike always sound big, that is unless they’re using the wrong gear. In the constant changing game of audio gear getting smaller, lighter, cheaper, and simulation over load, yes I meant to say simulation, one mic has outlasted them all. The¬†Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone, the standard when it comes to broadcast microphones. In mostly every radio station worldwide you’ll find one of these bad boys. This microphone gives you the bottom end you need with the right amount of high end for a clean, radio ready sound. Whenever you see radio jocks constantly moving that …

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Cover Bands: Hire an A1…please.

Cover bands…you know the ones. You roll into the bar, there are 5 musicians on stage, and they aren’t half bad. One has a Dime Bag Darrell signature Dean and a half stack, but it’s cool he’s pretty good, the drummer has two bass drums that have the bands goofy logo on the front, the bassist is standing in the corner sprouting apples off their arms, and the person playing keys may have had one lesson at the age of 9. The singer though, she’s beautiful, has the glow of a rock and roll princess from hell, and you’ve heard …

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Writers Block: Everything Sucks

As I sit here and type this up, i keep getting up and pacing in and out of the room I sit in to create music and the room that I may be laying down a beat for some odd job commercial that needs an extra particular sound or eating dinner with my family. I bring this up because i’m sitting at my dining room table, getting up and sitting back down, pacing in and out of different rooms, in a dim lit single family florida apartment, because i’m starting from a blank slate and part of me has trouble …

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