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EV RE20: King of The Broadcast

Radio Jocks and Podcasters alike always sound big, that is unless they’re using the wrong gear. In the constant changing game of audio gear getting smaller, lighter, cheaper, and simulation over load, yes I meant to say simulation, one mic has outlasted them all. The¬†Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone, the standard when it comes to broadcast microphones. In mostly every radio station worldwide you’ll find one of these bad boys. This microphone gives you the bottom end you need with the right amount of high end for a clean, radio ready sound. Whenever you see radio jocks constantly moving that …

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Let’s Talk About Supersaws

It all began with the Roland JP-8000, “way back” in the 90’s. And, still to this day(likely for many years to come), the beloved supersaw is still widely used in the production of many genres of music. Why? It is extremely versatile and, digital or otherwise, is one of the most unique and distinct sounding instruments(it is, after all, a synthesizer) in all of music dom. A supersaw is a group of sawtooth waveforms(in the context of electronic music production, a group of what are called “voices”) that are detuned from each other, creating a typically huge and wide sound. …

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If You Build It, They Will Come

Everybody has to start somewhere. You don’t hop on a surfboard and instantly rip, you start as a kook. You don’t grab your first guitar and play like Yngwie. You don’t hop into your car when getting your drivers permit and hit the gas like Jeff Gordon. It’s the same with music. Sure, some people have a knack for certain things. And sure, some people just suck at some things. That doesn’t mean you give it up. You just practice and get better at it. You can aspire to be a world class guitarist, and end up finding a love …

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