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Writers Block: Everything Sucks

As I sit here and type this up, i keep getting up and pacing in and out of the room I sit in to create music and the room that I may be laying down a beat for some odd job commercial that needs an extra particular sound or eating dinner with my family. I bring this up because i’m sitting at my dining room table, getting up and sitting back down, pacing in and out of different rooms, in a dim lit single family florida apartment, because i’m starting from a blank slate and part of me has trouble thinking of what i’m about to write without being absolutely restless. Lets face it once you’re on a role (at least for me) you tend to keep going, and thats great, but sometimes it takes minutes and hits you like a ton of bricks, while other times it takes days, weeks, hell even sometimes years. Writers block is a pain, and we all face it at some point. For me pacing and walking around really helps me, it drives my wife crazy sometimes but it is what i do to get the brain juices flowing. I was faced at one point in my musical endeavors for a long long time with writers block, I honestly thought i would never break out of that soul crushing state of not being able to 1. Express myself in one of the only forms I knew how, 2. work in the industry i loved and admired, and 3. ever be able to write anything ever again that wasn’t on a government or business issued form, let alone music. I had given up hope, some of it was because of a shitty review i had gotten from an agent who didn’t like my ska band and told me that my vocals were trash compared to the album i put out with my pop-punk band years before, some of it came from genre swapping to often, but most of it came from doubting myself and not applying my writing skills to my music, I was afraid to branch out because of other peoples thoughts, opinions, shitty taste in music and their loud mouths. The truth is I had given up, and that was the biggest mistake i could’ve made when it came to my future with music.

It took a while to overcome that feeling of being worthless to the thing you love so much. Depression kicks in and life happens, which we know isn’t always about the best of times. I had nothing to write about, nobody wants to hear songs about being married, having kids, having a 9 to 5. There was no light at the end of the tunnel for me, at least thats what i thought. As i continued to mope around and bitch to myself in my own self pity that i wouldn’t write a song that anybody gave a damn about again, i realized something. Who cares? No one ever gave a damn, and that was fine before. I got the furthest when i didn’t care about what everyone was saying and that’s when people actually liked what i was doing.

What i’m saying is, the key to beating writers block is writing what you care about, you, not anyone else. If you want to write irish folk ballads with lyrics about Russian vodka and hope for a revolution you go for it, someone will like it and appreciate it just as much as you do. The point is whichever path you choose to go down whether that be composing music that you think sounds interesting or lyrics that spark the light above your head, just do it, don’t second guess yourself. Music is all about self expression and connecting with others on an intimate level, sharing your experiences, opinions, and views through sound and emotion. We all face writers block at some point, and most of us will never write a number one hit, some of us will, but as long as you keep writing what you like, you’ll never feel defeated and music will continue to be unique, innovative, and exactly the way you think it should sound.

I hope this brief statement/story helps you continue to do what you love, and please share thecreators.blog with your friends. We’re constantly looking for new music from creators like you. email some links to your music or your friends and lets talk about new creations at thecreators.jim@gmail.com, and hey maybe it will make the site. Thanks for checking out thecreators.blog


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